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Most of us would like to be the makers of our own world. To have control over who lives, who dies, who receives blessings in their lives, and who gets what they deserve from Karma. There are a few who actually get to experience that kind of power and they are called author, writer, storyteller.

When driving to work one day, Brenda's inner world began to form. Much like the universe, it started with a bang. A violent scene that played in her mind’s eye as she drove. A scene where two vampires were locked in a heated battle. The winner’s reward? The love of his long life.

Brenda's world developed from that one scene into several stories. She found myself wanting to share the world she created with others, hoping they would enjoy the inhabitants as much as she did, so Brenda put fingers to the keyboard and started typing. It took her several years to teach herself the craft and finish the first manuscript. She learned how to write by reading what others had written. Read. Write. Read. Write. Research. Write. So goes Brenda's life and she loves it.

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